Website Design Gloucetser

Looking for a new website for your Gloucester based company?

You have plenty of choices when trying to find a web designer in Gloucester, Gloucestershire. Whomever you choose here are a few tips to help you make the right choice and get an accurate web design quotation.

  • Preparation: When looking for a new web designer make sure that you are prepared. Do some market research and makes notes on features you want your website to include. Look at your competitor’s websites and use them as a reference of what you like or don’t like. Being well prepared before you get a quote from a web designer is the most important part of the process. This way you will get a realistic and accurate quotation and you will be able to establish if they are capable of producing the project to your specification.
  • Testimonials: To help create a shortlist of web designers that you would like to use as for a testimonial from one or more of their previous clients. Verify that testimonial with their client and ask such questions as did they get the website they wanted and was the project completed within budget and on time. This is a great way to determine if you are choosing the right web designer.
  • Ownership: Find out what the ownership rights are over files, domain, and website design. although we hope that your website designer will serve you well for many years, unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. So when that day comes for you to say goodbye you need to know what the implications of the severance will be. for instance, some web design software does not allow the export of the website, so when you leave you loose your website.
  • Personality: You will be working with your website designer for several months so make sure you see eye to eye and can work together.
  • Big or Small? : Should you go with a big or small company or maybe even a one man band? Well there are pro’s and cons for each, here are a few.

Big company: Usually they can produce a high quality website in a short space of time. They often have a host of services under one roof. However, expect to pay the top price as their overheads will be high.

Small Company: Projects can take a little longer but usually the results are good. A reasonable average price can be expected and their in house resources may be limited so you may need to contract third parties such as graphic designers to help with the project

One man band: The obvious benefit would be price, however this often comes with a few negatives. This may not be their main job so projects can go on for some time. Resources are very limited so they may not be investing in the most up to date technologies. Also ask yourself what happens if they move away, quit or just disappear off the face of the earth.

  • Marketing: Website design is just one element of a website. I am sure you want the website to perform well on search engines like Google. find out what marketing solutions are provided and whether or not the website will be fully optimised for Google or this an extra?

Using the guide above and being well prepared should help you find the right web designer in Gloucester.

Quay website is a small family run company that can offer a range of web design and online marketing services at an affordable price.

Contact Quay Websites for a FREE no obligation quotation on Gloucester (01452) 899 722 or visit





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